Bug Hunting

Hunt for bugs in Attitude and get special badges and rewards.

Welcome to the official Bug Hunting System in Attitude!

What is a bug?

A bug, in a discord bot, is an unexpected behavior that mostly degrades a user's experience while using the bot. This may be a command that isn't working, coins or items getting duplicated, exploits, buttons that aren't functioning, and much more.

Sometimes, we are unaware of those bugs, but with the new Bug Hunting System that was recently released by Attitude, the users of the discord bot will be able to report the bug so we can track these bugs down, and reward the user with custom roles in our support server, a special badge, custom prizes, and much more, depending on the bug, itself.

How do I submit a bug?

The main reason why we're all here is to report bugs, right?

Before reporting a bug

Make sure that you are in the Discord Server of Attitude as the command, that you will be performing to report bugs, will only be accessible at there. The reason on why we did this is to prevent users from abusing such commands that get immediately forwarded to the developers of Attitude.

You must also make sure that you know how to reproduce the bug that you have found while using Attitude, in addition to mentioning what you think should happen and what actually happened, instead.

Reporting the bug

After you have confirmed with all the above steps on what to make sure before reporting a bug, you will be able to finally report your bug by simply performing the /reportbug <bug> command and mentioning the bug you want to report in the <bug> argument.

We have made things easier for you when reporting a bug, whereas we have divided the <bug> argument into multiple sections allowing you to mention the steps on how to reproduce the bug in one argument, the expected results on another argument, and the actual results on another argument.

After reporting a bug

After you've successfully submitted your bug, it will send an embed to our #bug-reports channel, on our Discord Server, and will be added to the approval queue so the developers of Attitude will be able to review it and test the bug.

Once the developers of Attitude have passed the review, the bot will send you a direct message whether your bug report has been approved or denied. Whereas:

  • If your bug has been approved, your bug can whether make immediate changes to the bot, or be waited till the next update to arrive and have it fixed, along with some bug hunting points that is depending on the level of the bug.

  • If your bug has been denied, it will mention the reason why it was denied, with unfortunately, no bug hunting points.

How do points work?

The more serious a bug is towards Attitude, the more points you get. The term serious bugs can be bugs like security breaches, serious exploits, and more.

What are the rewards?

In the Attitude Bug Hunting System, once you receive:

What do I mention in the bug?

When a user submits a bug, we hope to receive the following information from them:

  • Title: A short description of the bug in one sentence.

  • Reproduction Steps: A list of steps on how you could recreate the bug.

  • Expected Result: What do you think should happen?

  • Actual Result: What happened instead?

  • Attachment: Attach a screenshot or a video to help support your bug report.

In addition, please avoid describing bugs as glitchy, broken, or as a weird feature, since those words are not very descriptive to report a bug and that it doesn't explain to us what is actually going on for us to give a fix to.

Final Note

This command should only be used when you are reporting a bug, therefore, you should not use the command with an excuse of testing or anything related, since doing so would result in either getting you punished from reporting bugs or from Attitude, overall.

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